Genesis Ophthalmic Training, LLC
Genesis Ophthalmic Training, LLC

Ophthalmic training for assistants and technicians

What I Teach

Ophthalmic Theory

Ocular and basic systemic anatomy

Ocular and systemic disease processes

Documentation in medical records

Ophthalmic lasers and premium IOLs

Ophthalmic Technical Skills


Visual acuity ophthalmic training

Manual lensometry

Plus or minus refractometry

Slit lamp biomicroscopy

Pupil assessment

Confrontational visual field

Applanation tonometry

Amsler grid


Manual keratometry

Dilation and drops used

Ishihara color testing

More Options

Retinoscopy-plus and minus cylinder



Optical coherence tomography

Prism correction in glasses

IOL Master

Checking instrument calibration

Your trainer

Denese A. Smith

During my 30 years of ophthalmic experience as an administrator and technician, I understand first hand the obstacles that face the practice physicians, administrators and office personnel  while trying to train staff . In offering a well-balanced program utilizing a variety of media, hands on experience and competency tests, I will ensure your staff has acquired the necessary skills to provide excellent eye care. 

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